About BCSA

Sometimes it can be a bit scary asking for help, and sometimes it’s difficult to even know who to ask! We’re on hand to provide answers to those burning questions. If we can’t answer them directly, we can certainly find a person who can!

We work really closely with the Student Services team. Although we are not trained to deliver welfare or financial support, we can always find you the help you need. Whether you just fancy a chat or you would like us to arrange a meeting with one of our welfare or funding advisors, we can do it all for you!

Being at college can be stressful at times. At the point when things aren’t going so well, the most important thing to do is talk to someone about it. We know this can often be the hardest thing to do. That is why the Students’ Association team are always available to stand by your side for those difficult conversations, or to get in touch with a staff member on your behalf. Whichever option you prefer, the Students’ Association can work out a plan that suits you best.

Every year we elect students whose job it is to represent the views of each class. Class representatives attend Faculty Council meetings throughout the year and work closely with the Students’ Association to make the learning experience at Borders College the best it can be. It’s a really important role, and is an excellent addition to your CV too! Find out more about being a Class Representative here.

Obviously the reason you come to College is to complete your course, but there is SO much more to the student experience than that! Whether you enjoy football or fundraising, music or monopoly, we can help you start a club or society. Get in touch with Amy (ahamilton@borderscollege.ac.uk) for more details.

Each year the Students’ Association put on awesome events for students. Keep an eye out on our website and Facebook  pages for details of up and coming fun times!

Here at the Students’ Association, we believe in supporting local charities and causes that are important to our students. If you would like to get involved in fundraising activities while at college, the Students’ Association can help you out. Whether you want help to organise an event, or you would like us to advertise or participate in your fundraising venture, we are always happy to help.

Interested in getting a bit of volunteering experience while at college?

We can put you in touch with volunteering organisations, whether locally or abroad. There are also loads of ways you can gain volunteering experience with the Students’ Association. We recruit a number of volunteer officers and ambassadors each year to help us out with our events and activities, and to lead on issues that are important to our students. The hours are super flexible and we always make sure to work round your commitments. We will advertise these positions during Fresher’s Week and on our website  and Facebook pages.

Want to get involved now?? Get in touch with Amy to find out more!