COVID - 19

During the Covid 19 phased return period, Borders College will only be open for Practical lectures and students will be allowed in the building for a limited period of time. During this time there will be no access to the iLearn Zone.
In his role as Independent Learning Facilitator, Keith will continue to support students with their independent Learning, through online assistance via email, or via Microsoft Teams.
This support includes help with Office 365, (Teams, Word, Excel etc) Moodle, Study Skills, Researching, Referencing and other general support while students study remotely online.

i-Learn Zone

The iLearn Zone is an alternative study area within the Scottish Borders Campus for you to use/drop in and continue your learning independently but in a supported environment.

The room is equipped to support your independent learning (iLearn) with Wi-Fi. plug in and USB ports to enable you to work on your own laptop or device, or alternatively you can borrow one of the College loan laptops which are available from the lockers in the main reception area.

Whether completing assignments, creating a presentation, writing up course work, updating your personal profile, or working as part of a group, the iLearn Zone is available for you to use during your College day.

With a dedicated full time member of staff available, our Independent Learning Facilitator, Keith Nairn is on hand to provide support with those Digital, Online and E-Learning issues that may arise during your studies, as well as signpost you to alternative help should it be required.

Keith works closely with the Curriculum staff to ensure your learning journey is supported appropriately and any individual work plans are being followed.

Throughout the year, we will also hold extra support sessions in the iLearn Zone to help you with areas such as Essay writing, Referencing, Office 365 and the completion of UCAS forms.

The iLearn Zone is your alternative study space, so please make the most of it while you are in College.

Normal opening hours:

The iLearn is open daily:

Monday – Thursday – 8:30 – 16:30

Friday - 8:30 – 16:00

Rules & Guidelines

• This area is for you to use for independent learning (iLearn) on your own or as part of a group.

• The iLearn zone is designed for you to bring in your own laptop/device or loan laptop, which can be borrowed from the lockers in reception.

• You will require your Student Card to borrow a College Laptop

• Please, ask if you need any assistance with anything, however trivial it may seem

• If working as a group, please respect other users within the iLearn area.

• Mobile telephones should be on silent and any use should not disturb other users. All calls should be made/taken outside the room.

• Never share your network ID and password with anyone else.

• Always keep your password secure

• Always ensure you lock your laptop when leaving it unattended

• Please avoid viewing, sending or downloading offensive or illegal information

• If not using Office 365, please save your work to your “H” drive regularly as you progress and most definitely, when you finish.

• You may bring covered hot or cold drinks into the iLearn zone, but no hot/cold food please. (Sweeties or chocolate allowed) 

• Please dispose of your litter responsibly using the appropriate bins

• Please adhere to Health and Safety regulations

• If the fire alarm sounds, the shutters will go down on the interior windows – please do not be alarmed this is normal.

• If not the regular fire drill (Thursday 9:30am), please leave the iLearn area immediately by the nearest fire exit