Student Welfare Team

Vivienne, Sheena and Helen are Student Advisors with the expertise to provide you with advice and support on many welfare and wellbeing issues which you may face, including

Your health and wellbeing

  • Personal and emotional support including mental health, grief and bereavement advice
  • Sexual health advice including C-Card and C-Card+ (condom service) and Chlamydia testing

Your funding, finances or benefits

  • Help with finances including applying for College Discretionary or Childcare Funds
  • Funding advice including help to complete forms and applications for bursary, EMA or SAAS
  • Advice on accessing benefits including housing benefit

Other useful services

  •  Accommodation advice
  • Childcare advice
  • How to contact other useful local community services
    and support agencies
  • Advocacy
  • Counselling
  • Help filling in forms and applications

Contact details:, 01896 662506